Today’s blessings

I understand the importance of long-term dreams and goals. I see the value in having a 5-year plan. I know that God is bringing me to a place where I will look back and see how all the pieces came together. God is teaching me the importance of being patient as the bigger picture of my life slowly comes into focus. But sometimes I concentrate so much on the blessings I’m trusting Him for in my future that I forget to see the blessings He has for me right now.

It is so important to trust the fact that God already has tomorrow figured out. Whatever we may be worrying about for the future is already taken care of and one day that will be clear from a hindsight perspective. But God is not too busy working on our future to be able to provide for our present. And we shouldn’t be so busy trusting God for tomorrow’s blessings that we forget to seek Him for today’s.

“Don’t be so busy trusting God for tomorrow’s blessings that you forget to seek him for today’s.”

Our ultimate blessings are stored up in eternity with our Savior, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! But in the meantime, God has an abundance to share with us, today, tomorrow and forever!

From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. – John 1:16

todays blessings

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