New Website for Mom’s Devotions Blog

I have an exciting announcement. Mom's Devotions is moving to a new-and-improved website. If you've been following me here at Mom's Devotions and have enjoyed the content, would you consider hopping over to my new website and following me there? (For my fellow WordPress bloggers, it's still a WordPress site.) The new site is https://www.ErikaOwensWrites.com/moms-devotions-blog/Continue reading New Website for Mom’s Devotions Blog

Mobilized Not Paralyzed

Nehemiah was minding his own business as the cupbearer to the king when he received word of how terribly things were going in his homeland, Jerusalem. The people were in great trouble and shame. The walls had been torn down and the gates had been destroyed by fire. Things were literally falling apart. But first, … Continue reading Mobilized Not Paralyzed

Things May be a Mess, but Remember Jesus!

With all that is going on in the world around us, it’s hard not to get bogged down with fear and despair. That is exactly what our enemy is hoping we will do. Fear paralyzes. Despair immobilizes. He knows we will have little impact on the world if we are frozen in place. When the … Continue reading Things May be a Mess, but Remember Jesus!

Jesus Showed Up and That Changed Everything

It’s hard to imagine the level of joy and hope Jesus’ followers felt when they encountered the risen Lord. They had been crushed by His arrest, torture, and death. They were scared, confused, hopeless, and lost. Nothing mattered anymore. Then Jesus showed up! Read more on my new website at: http://www.ErikaOwensWrites.com. If you enjoy the … Continue reading Jesus Showed Up and That Changed Everything

Sharing the Gospel … With Words!

The gospel cannot be preached without words! An old Saint has been misquoted as saying: “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words when necessary.” It's a pithy little quote. I’ve said it, but it never sat right with me. How can you preach the gospel without words? I recently learned there’s no evidence St … Continue reading Sharing the Gospel … With Words!

Created for More – A Life All In

You were created for more than just going through the motions. Searching and striving to discover the point of life is not the point of life. It’s not just about the dash between your birth and your death. God created you with an eternal purpose. Your talents and passions, your opportunities and circumstances, even your … Continue reading Created for More – A Life All In