Sometimes it takes rock bottom

We all have a redemption story because we were all headed for destruction before Jesus redeemed us. But it seems like some people enjoy the trip more than others. They create their own idols (because we all serve something) and define their own destiny, convinced that they’ve got it all figured out. They believe the lies of the devil that fit their narrative and they forge ahead, not realizing they need God until everything starts to unravel.

That was King Manasseh’s story. (2 Chronicles 33:1-20) He was completely committed to evil. He worshipped idols, built altars, sacrificed his sons and practiced sorcery. He led the people astray so that everyone around him was as lost as he was. He piled up detestable practices that provoked the Lord to anger and he wasn’t worried about the result. His story was not going to end well. But the Lord did not give up on Manasseh. It may have taken him being captured, dragged way and bound in shackles as a prisoner before he finally cried out to God, but when he did, God listened!

In his distress, he sought the favor of the Lord his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers. And when he prayed to Him, the Lord was moved by his entreaty and listened to his plea… – 2 Chronicles 33:12-13

God saved Manasseh! Despite the abhorrent way he had lived his life up to that point when he acknowledged he needed saving, God saved him. Then Manasseh turned his life around and finished strong. The same is true for each of us. Some of us may live life more detestably than others, but we are all hopeless sinners in need of a Savior. When we finally recognize how hopeless things are without Jesus, we can cry out to Him and He will save us.

No one is beyond the reach of Jesus’ saving power! It might take an impact with rock bottom to drive them to the cross, but when they get there, Jesus will be waiting. If someone you care about is headed for destruction, don’t stop believing that God will intervene in their lives and save them. Pray for them. Love them. Let them see Jesus in you. Then look forward to their redemption story!

rock bottom

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