Invitation to Paradise

On the day that Jesus was crucified, he joined two criminals appropriately charged and sentenced to execution for the crimes they had committed. One of them saw their true self in the light of the righteous Savior hanging next to him. Humbly he cried out for Jesus to remember him. And Jesus replied, “I assure … Continue reading Invitation to Paradise

Impenetrable Shelter

"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High..." Live in the shelter.  Not like a storm shelter that you only go to when there's an immediate threat, but an impenetrable shelter that you live in. "If you make the Lord your refuge..."  God alone is where you turn for protection.  There's no need for … Continue reading Impenetrable Shelter

Don’t take the bait

Fishing is quite the hobby.  Someone who’s into it will sit for hours upon hours, day after day throwing their baited hook into the water to catch a fish.  And the really avid fisherman will likely have a whole tackle box full of various baits - all different sizes, shapes and colors. They have a very … Continue reading Don’t take the bait

Opportunity in persecution?

Jesus warned his followers of a time that would come when they would face persecution because of his name.  He warned them of a time to come when they would stand trial before kings and governors because they were his followers.  Then he told them why this would happen.…But this will be your opportunity to … Continue reading Opportunity in persecution?

Praise God!

Why do we praise God?  Is it because he needs it?  Does he need our praise, the praise of human beings that he created? Is it somehow meant to boost his ego or increase his confidence?  Hardly!  If we decide not to praise him, he’ll still be praised.  The heavenly beings are constantly praising him.  … Continue reading Praise God!