God reaches down to redeem

When someone you love dearly wanders away from God, it is heartbreaking.  You watch them believe more and more of the defeating lies of the devil and you do your best to speak the truth of the Word of God to them.  They surround themselves with people that affirm their ungodly choices and you try to remain a lighthouse in the fog for them to come home to.  You know they are trying desperately to find answers, but they’re not looking to the One that has them. You cry out to God on their behalf. You grab hold of every nugget of truth you see in the Word of God that gives you hope for their safe return.

I have found many of these nuggets buried in the wonderful Word of God and I stumbled across another one today in 2 Samuel:

He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. – 2 Samuel 22:17

This is an amazing picture of what God can do! He can reach down from his heavenly throne and take hold of them.  Just when it appears the torrential flood of deception and sin will overtake them, he can pull them out of the deep waters.

Hold on to this truth and pray it over your loved one then believe God for a miracle in their life!

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