When my battery is dead

Have you ever climbed into your car all ready to get going only to get no response when you turned the key? The radio doesn’t turn on.  The lights don’t turn on.  Nothing happens at all. It’s as if your car is saying to you – “Sorry.  I’ve got nothing for you this morning.”  The battery is dead.  Your car needs a jump.  It is not going anywhere until you get the jumper cables out and hook it up to a live battery.

That is a perfect description of how I often feel in the morning.  I can barely find the energy to pour myself a cup of coffee and just the thought of getting ready for my day exhausts me.  My proverbial battery is dead and I’m not going anywhere until I get a jump start.

It is those times more than ever that I need to remind myself where my strength comes from.  Crawling back into bed isn’t an option.  God has things planned for my day and I’ll never know what they are until I get going.  So I cry out to God a few simple words – “Lord, I have no strength. I need yours.”

“But you, Lord, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me.” – Psalm 22:19


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