Palm Sunday … Victory Parade

It’s March and March Madness is in full effect. Whole communities will be celebrating with their teams as each victory brings them closer to the ultimate prize. No doubt there will be victory parades in the streets as ecstatic fans welcome the players home. And those closest to the players will be proudly alongside them basking in the glory of the moment.

When I read the story of Palm Sunday, I can picture a victory parade like none other. I can see Jesus riding into town on a colt. The people welcoming him in excitement as their king. And the disciples walking proudly beside him, glowing with joy as Jesus finally made his Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. I can hear the cheers of the crowd shouting, “Hosanna!” – drowning out the protests of the Pharisees. The people were so excited to welcome their King, but they were so misguided about who he really was.

I can also picture Jesus as he saw the victory parade and wept. He knew they were not ready for the truth. It wasn’t time for him to reign here on earth. Not yet. First he had to finish what he came to accomplish. First he had to pay the ultimate price for their sins. A price they could never pay on their own. First he had to suffer and die.

But Jesus also knew that although “Good Friday” was coming soon, Resurrection Sunday was not far behind. And that Victory parade would last for eternity!

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