What If We’re Right

As I see the full extent to which mockers and scoffers are denying God through ignoring his laws and attacking his people, I wonder if any if them have stopped to consider what will happen if they’re wrong. 

What if all the things Bible believing Christians are saying are true?  What if obliterating truth and morality actually does have eternal consequences?  What if all of the supposed victories being won for ungodly causes really will bring about God’s judgement?  Do you suppose the Alpha and Omega, who is not bound by time but sees the past, present and future in a single glance will say – “You’re right.  When I inspired the Bible to be written, I wasn’t able to take into consideration what the world would look like in the 21st century. Otherwise I surely would’ve changed up my laws for mankind to better fit into what they would consider moral.”  

Or are you hoping that God is more like a passive parent who may have rules, but really doesn’t expect them to be followed? Do you suppose that despite the fact that he is holy and just – he doesn’t plan on holding anyone accountable to the things he said in his Word?

Does it seem even a little bit strange that now more than ever, everyone is working to silence anyone proclaiming Judeo-Christian values?  The very people that for thousands of years were looked to for moral guidance? Do you ever wonder at all if you should maybe read the Bible (the whole Bible) for yourself and see if there’s any truth to the things we are trying to say?

Have you ever stopped to consider that there’s an epic battle going on between God and Satan, between good and evil?  That Satan, knowing full well that he will lose in the end, just wants to take as many people down with him as he can?  That Jesus is returning to judge the world and that only those made righteous through complete faith in his death and resurrection will be going with him?  And that claiming to be his follower will not cut-it if the life you lived didn’t line up?

I’m guessing as you laugh at the cries of the “Christian fanatics” and celebrate the fact that your society is drowning us out – you are hoping we’re not right.  

Because if we are …

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