Jesus is coming back!

Jesus is coming back!  That’s the good news. The bad news … many people don’t believe it or don’t seem to care. But just watch the news.  Increasing conflict in the Middle East …Increasing devastation of natural disasters … Increasing deaths from incurable illnesses … All amidst the daily decreasing of God and his word being allowed, even tolerated, in public places.  Not only does this make me believe that Christ’s return is quickly getting closer, but it makes me long for it even more. 

Jesus himself talked about the signs we’d see as his return grew closer. (Matthew 24). 

He warned that we’d see many people coming, claiming to be the Messiah. Deceiving many.  Of course he was talking about actual individuals literally making these claims, which we’ve seen and will no doubt continue to see.   But I wonder if all of the religions out there making false claims about the way to salvation might fall under this warning, too. Everyone seems to have confidence in their own cookie-cutter religion.  One that that fits with their lifestyle choices, and doesn’t require them to acknowledge they’re sinful and need a Savior. But the simple truth is there is only one way to be saved from eternal separation from God.  There is only one Messiah – and that is Jesus Christ. 

He warned of wars and threats of wars. And although there’s always been wars, the threat of much bigger wars – especially as it relates to Israel, the center of the last days – is certainly a much bigger reality today than it was yesterday. 

People around the world still die from starvation, even though so much of the world is wealthy enough to do something about it. And modern transportation makes access to even the remotest locations possible. 

Jesus goes on to say that “Sin will be rampant everywhere.” How sadly true is this. In fact, so much of what God abhors is becoming common place that people don’t even call it sin anymore. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is sin. And it is rampant. 

Then there’s the part where evangelism is highlighted. Something all believers are called to do. Jesus said that the Good News (the gospel) would be “preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it.” I’m sure when he said this to his disciples they couldn’t fathom how the whole world could be reached. And the “whole world” was a lot smaller then. But they started preaching. And the Good News was spread. And now with technology as it is, the whole world can be reached very easily. Much of it with media, but even areas where there are no television or computers are reachable by missionaries.  How close are we to being able to declare that all nations have heard the Good News?  Because Jesus said once that has happened “then the end will come.”

Jesus is coming back!  So what does that mean to you?


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