Unlikely messengers

We each have our own story of redemption, but how many of us never share it. If you’re a sinner (which you are) and if you’ve been redeemed (which you have been if you’ve turned to Jesus) — don’t you think your story could have an impact on others? God graciously “turned on the light for you” and he intended you to use it to light the way for other people’s darkened paths.

But how many of us “freeze up” when it comes to talking about Jesus? How many of us assume that boldly sharing the gospel is someone else’s job? After all, there are so many brave and talented people already in that role. I’m just a *fill-in-the-blank*. I can maybe teach my kids about it; and possibly chat about it a little with family and close friends if it comes up. But the rest of that — I’ll leave that to the pros.

But we aren’t off the hook that easily. God has a history of taking the most unlikely people and using them to impact his kingdom in some way. And when by his grace you were saved – you made that list.

Moses. He might not have been a favorite of his fellow Israelites having been raised in the palace of the Pharaoh while they suffered through slavery. And when God decided to appoint him as the one that would bring his message of deliverance to his people, Moses was pretty sure they wouldn’t be convinced by him. He tried to protest, but God assured Moses that he’d be with him – and off he went. (Exodus 1-4)

David. He was the youngest of eight boys and he wasn’t even invited when Samuel came to their home to anoint the next king of Israel. His own dad didn’t think he’d even be considered, so he left him to his job of tending the sheep. But after Samuel met each of the older, more “qualified” sons, God instructed him to look at the situation differently. God informed him that he doesn’t see things the way people do. God looks at the heart. And he saw something in David’s heart that made him fit to be God’s chosen leader for his people. (1 Samuel 16)

Saul. Now this one is really surprising. Saul was a man with a vendetta – eager to kill anyone he came across that was a follower of Jesus. Surely God couldn’t use him. And God didn’t plan to use him in the state he was in – but he planned to change him and use him in a big way. Jesus stepped right into the path Saul was traveling on (literally). Then Saul was faced with Christ’s blinding light (again, literally). And once his heart was changed, he spent the rest of his life spreading the Good News of Jesus’ redeeming power. (Acts 9)

Jonah tried to run and hide from God.
Jacob was a cheater.
Rahab was a prostitute.
Peter denied Christ.

…and so on.

But the moment these pillars of the faith realized their sin and repented, God used them mightily. And it can be made clear through their stories and ours that the saving power of Jesus is available to anyone that calls on his name. We won’t be perfect when he calls us, and we won’t reach perfection here on earth, but we do have a story to tell that the rest of the imperfect people in this world can relate to. It’s time we started sharing!

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