Nothing can separate us

There are a lot of places in scripture where God gives us an earthly example of a heavenly concept to help us understand him. One of my favorites is when the curtain in the inner sanctuary of the temple tore at the moment of Jesus' death on the cross. Then Jesus uttered another loud cry … Continue reading Nothing can separate us

When it makes no earthly sense

Throughout the Bible God reminds his people to have hope. He promises that if we can trust in him - we will see that the outcomes in our life will be good. But how do we make sense of that when bad things happen? How do we keep the faith when we feel as though … Continue reading When it makes no earthly sense

Students of the Word

There are many that teach the Word of God. Your pastor; radio and television personalities; founders and leaders of entire "movements". In many cases, they teach similar things. Yet in other cases their messages are very different. I would imagine that most of them have good intentions. That they love The Lord, and desire to … Continue reading Students of the Word

Spirituality or righteousness

In these days of moral relativism (your truth is your truth and my truth is mine)...being "spiritual" is the new catch phrase. When someone refers to themselves as "spiritual", I wonder what they mean. Do they understand that there is only one way to heaven? ••••••••••••••••••••••• Maybe next time I hear that, I could be … Continue reading Spirituality or righteousness

Talking with God

Prayer is a conversation with God. A chat with our Heavenly Father. An opportunity to draw us closer and strengthen our relationship with him. And as with any relationship, communication is essential. Obviously the Bible talks a lot about prayer. I've heard plenty of teachings on prayer. Jesus himself gives us an example, kind of … Continue reading Talking with God

The Ultimate Sacrifice

How often do we reflect on what Jesus actually did for us? God sent his Son...literally part of earth to experience human-ness. (Immanuel, God with us. Isaiah 7:14) He was a baby...He was a boy...He was a son and a brother...He had friends...He was betrayed by friends...He experienced sadness, joy, love, anger...He was wrongfully … Continue reading The Ultimate Sacrifice