Sometimes God makes it obvious when he’s trying to tell me something. Last week I wrote about the “hamster wheel” – and a little about working and resting. But apparently I didn’t get what God wanted me to out of it because he brought it to mind again today. With more of a focus on the rest part.

Have you ever really reflected on how much of your day is spent resting. Sitting back and enjoying the blessings God has given you? (Which by the way is not the laundry or dirty dishes.)

There’s a story in the Bible that is often referenced when the topic of “busy-ness” is discussed. It is a story about a visit Jesus made on one occasion to the home of some close friends (Lazarus, Martha & Mary). (See Luke 10:38-42)

While he was there, Martha was busily preparing a big dinner while Mary was just sitting there, enjoying their guest. I can picture the scene quite well – because I am often running around like Martha when I have company.

Interestingly enough, Martha was sure that Mary was in the wrong. After all, she was just sitting there listening to Jesus and not helping Martha do anything. Didn’t she notice Martha running around like a basket case? (It makes me wonder if maybe Mary had prepared a little bit in advance so she could just relax. Maybe she had already cleaned the bathroom and put out the good towels for the guests.)

When Martha expressed her concern to Jesus, I would bet his response surprised her. He said: “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all the details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it and it will not be taken from her.” – Luke 10:41-42

Now the obvious lesson here is the one on one time with Jesus that Mary was enjoying. That is of utmost importance in our life – and the moments we spend at his feet will never be a waste of time.

But maybe we could get another lesson out of this, as well. We know how important people are to Jesus. If we were to assign that same importance to the people that God has blessed us with – how would that look different? Maybe it means taking the focus off of the details we’re busy trying to do for people and turn it to the time we actually spend with them.

The same holds true with our family. Most of us are so over-scheduled that the activities (as good as they may be) have sucked up any time we might have to just hang out with each other.

Take a moment to think about it. (I know I will.). Try to really notice how much of your time is actually spent enjoying a meaningful conversation with the people God has put in your life. Those are the moments to cherish!

And of course…be sure to find yourself in one on one moments with Jesus every day!

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