It begins…

Commit to The Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

How do my daily devotions go?  Well, my mind, as created by God, bounces around a lot. Fortunately, God is okay with that. He has also created in me a hunger for knowledge and information, as evidenced by my regular use of Google and all the “news” apps on my phone.

But nothing excites me more than reading and studying God’s word. No matter how many times I open it, I always get a new message to plant in my soul.

Every morning, God takes me on a new journey. I have a “starting point” that may be a reading plan I’m following…or a topic search around something happening in my life. And once I get going, God takes me takes to so many places.  It’s as if when I discover a verse that is meaningful to me, God says:  “Yes, isn’t that [exciting] or [comforting] or [fill in the blank]…but I’ve got share more to share with you.”  And off we go!

I have years worth of journals that I can’t wait to go back and read someday, to re-live my journey worth God. But for now, God is keeping me focused on today.

And God has given me a desire to share His Word and my thoughts that started with simple Facebook posts and evolved into a starting a blog…which I know nothing about.

My prayer is that I remember that I’m the co-pilot and let God fly the plane. That somehow sharing my journey, someone will be blessed..and GOD will be glorified.

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