Who’s operating the controls?

Is God still at the controls, or did I take over again? This is a question I need to ask myself constantly.  I know that in order to succeed in a life lived for the Kingdom of God I must make sure that God is the one controlling my actions. I start every day handing … Continue reading Who’s operating the controls?

We must teach our children the truth!

What in the world is going on? I have a theory. We are seeing the result of a generation of people raised to believe they should never have to experience disappointment. (The "participation trophy" phenomenon.) Now that their candidate for president has lost they are protesting, skipping classes and threatening to leave the country. What's … Continue reading We must teach our children the truth!

Profitable servant

I've often wondered what Jesus meant when he told the parable of the three servants that were given bags of silver to hold onto for their master. (Matthew 25:14-30) The end result is clear that the master was pleased with the servants that took the silver, invested it and ended up with more. But he … Continue reading Profitable servant

Hamster wheel

It seems these days like we all have so much to do. Go to work. Bring work home. Clean the house. Make dinner. Help the kids with homework. Bring the kids here and there. Walk the dog. Tuck the family in. *sleep* *wake* *repeat* The analogy I find myself using lately is "hamster wheel". Have … Continue reading Hamster wheel