Fruitless folly

In the moment that you declare out loud that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you are saved! (Romans 10:9) That one moment alters your eternal destination, but it should also alter your whole life! It is true that God wants us to come to him just … Continue reading Fruitless folly

Redeemed … Not Perfect

Do you ever notice how quickly people rise up and shout "hypocrite" when a Christian messes up? Un-believers seem to gloat over the fact that a Christian sinned as though it somehow validates their own decision to do life without Jesus. It's like they think that the fact that a professing follower of Christ sinned … Continue reading Redeemed … Not Perfect

“Good people”

I've met a lot of "good people" in my life.  Generous people that always seem eager to give.  Kind people that welcome strangers with open arms.  Forgiving people that would have every right to be bitter.  Joyful people that never seem to be grumpy.  People with self-control that keeps them from making choices they regret. … Continue reading “Good people”