Prayer for Revival

Lord, I pray for a miraculous, Holy Spirit revival to take hold of America! It seems impossible. The direction this country has gone seems so bad. But you are the God of revival. Many times you heard the prayers of your people, Israel, when they repented of their evil ways and cried out to you. Lord, … Continue reading Prayer for Revival

Not “Name and Claim” But Trust and Believe

You've heard of the preachers that preach a "name it and claim it" gospel. It is something I've always been weary of for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it comes across as though God is supposed to do what we want just because we tell him to. And the more we believe … Continue reading Not “Name and Claim” But Trust and Believe

Pray For The Lost

Every day we see more and more the accelerated decay of values and the massive shift towards moral relativism. As Christians it is hard to know what we should be doing as individuals. God has gifted each of us differently with special passions and talents he wants us to use for his glory, and we … Continue reading Pray For The Lost