Jesus loves lost people

Jesus has a heart for lost people! Many times throughout the gospels we see stories of Jesus going out of his way to reach a lost person. On one occasion, when he was in the presence of some people of questionable character, the Pharisees and the teachers of the law were quick to whisper about … Continue reading Jesus loves lost people

Boldly speak it… Humbly live it

We know that the Bible tells us to go into all the world and share the Good News of Christ's atoning death and victorious resurrection and to share with them the Word of God. For some of us that may mean a pulpit with a large audience, but for many of us it means sharing … Continue reading Boldly speak it… Humbly live it

Change is a process

Sometimes people think they need to "get good" before they give their life to Christ. They may be living a life full of choices they know aren't right - and they mistakenly think they need to clean themselves up before they can turn to Jesus. Others may expect that the moment they become a Christian … Continue reading Change is a process

Spread the news

The Old Testament prophets had quite a calling. Delivering God's message to people that often didn't like what they heard and persecuted them because of it. Jeremiah spent his days announcing Gods wrath and judgement and because of that, he was hated by most. They didn't like the bad news they were hearing about their … Continue reading Spread the news