Given Over

In the search for happiness, many people choose to follow their feelings. They have been sold the lie that if it feels good it must be good. They have accepted the notion that truth is relative and if they’re living out “their truth” then the cosmic stars will align and they will live happily ever … Continue reading Given Over

Access to the Almighty

Some people go through life depending on karma, or luck, or their own power.  They either deny that there is a god, or worship a god that is distant and non-relational.  But when something really big happens, they suddenly see that all that they’ve been depending is useless – and they find themselves crying out … Continue reading Access to the Almighty

What are we spreading?

Have you ever thought about what your "world view" is? What is the lens through which you see the world around you? There's a lot of different choices, and the world view you espouse to will be a factor in the way you live your life. And the way you live your life will likely … Continue reading What are we spreading?