Given Over

In the search for happiness, many people choose to follow their feelings. They have been sold the lie that if it feels good it must be good. They have accepted the notion that truth is relative and if they’re living out “their truth” then the cosmic stars will align and they will live happily ever … Continue reading Given Over

Where my hope comes from

I am not studied in Christian apologetics (defense of the faith) - but I know it is important to be able to answer the question: "Why is your way the right way?" The most basic answer to me is that I just know. I know because I feel peace, contentment and joy that is not … Continue reading Where my hope comes from

Knitted by God

Science has never been my strongest subject. Although it is fascinating, it is usually way over my head. I got as far as Biology 101 in college...and that was a struggle. One basic scientific principle that we've all heard is that DNA is the basis for all life. In every living organism, this tiny molecule … Continue reading Knitted by God