We need the Word of God!

The Christian life cannot be lived apart from the Word of God. Jesus knew and trusted the Word of God, and if we want to live as Christ-followers, we must do the same.¬†As a young boy, Jesus sat among the teachers to hear the Word of God. (Luke 2:42-52) In the synagogue, He read aloud … Continue reading We need the Word of God!


Revolutionary:  radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedures or principles. When Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago, the new covenant he brought with him was revolutionary.  It was radically new.  And the "establishment" did not like it. They had devised a system that was working just fine for them.  And after … Continue reading Revolutionary

Staying connected

Daily routines. We all have them. Coffee, before I even open my eyes. Take a shower. Brush my teeth. Make sure my kids do the same. My mornings are so scripted, you could almost set your clock by them. (Right down to the part where I'm running around proclaiming that I'm late...again.) I am so … Continue reading Staying connected

Hamster wheel

It seems these days like we all have so much to do. Go to work. Bring work home. Clean the house. Make dinner. Help the kids with homework. Bring the kids here and there. Walk the dog. Tuck the family in. *sleep* *wake* *repeat* The analogy I find myself using lately is "hamster wheel". Have … Continue reading Hamster wheel