What are we spreading?

Have you ever thought about what your "world view" is? What is the lens through which you see the world around you? There's a lot of different choices, and the world view you espouse to will be a factor in the way you live your life. And the way you live your life will likely … Continue reading What are we spreading?

Face-to-face love

In this age of text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - we're raising generations of non-speaking people. They text their friends rather than calling them to talk; they text their jobs to avoid actually "calling in"; they email teachers instead of sticking around after class to ask questions; they post opinions on Facebook rather than engaging … Continue reading Face-to-face love

Unlikely messengers

We each have our own story of redemption, but how many of us never share it. If you're a sinner (which you are) and if you've been redeemed (which you have been if you've turned to Jesus) -- don't you think your story could have an impact on others? God graciously "turned on the light … Continue reading Unlikely messengers

Daily surrender

Oh Lord, I give my life to you. Psalm 25:1 Throughout the Bible, God's people are repeatedly reminded to surrender their lives to God. God knows that we will all surrender to something. From the moment Eve surrendered to the serpent and to the temptation to satisfy the desires of her flesh, mankind has been … Continue reading Daily surrender

Truth…not tolerance

Tolerance is a popular word today. What exactly does it mean? Is "tolerant" something I should be expected to be when it comes to my faith? The dictionary defines tolerance as a fair, objective and permissive attitude towards those whose opinions are different than yours. That makes sense in cases where it is a "matter … Continue reading Truth…not tolerance

Nothing is hopeless with Jesus

Today I set out on a journey through God's word to remind me that Jesus is in the business of creating hope in situations where we think there is no hope. So often in our feeble hearts, we look at a situation and think: "It's too far gone, now. How could it possibly turn around?" … Continue reading Nothing is hopeless with Jesus