What to do with anger

These days the world is full of anger, lived out in hatred and violence. So much of this comes from our desperate desire to be in control of our lives. And when we feel we've lost control, we lash out. When we feel we've been wronged, we must avenge. So what does the Bible say … Continue reading What to do with anger

God’s amazing love

Close your eyes for a moment and recall a time when you felt an overwhelming feeling of love. Maybe it was the birth of a child (your own, a niece or nephew). Maybe it was the moment you exchanged vows with your spouse. Maybe it was when you faced losing someone close to you and … Continue reading God’s amazing love

Spiritual discernment

One thing I often pray for myself and my loved ones is that God will give us discernment and understanding. (Philippians 1:9). With all the advances in technology that have appeared even in my life time, information is at our fingertips...literally. And every viewpoint, every idea, every cause is vying for our attention. It is … Continue reading Spiritual discernment

Resolve to be different

I love the story of Daniel and I have often asked God to help me to "resolve" like Daniel did. Taken captive and dragged off to a land where so many of the customs were contrary to what Daniel knew to be right in God's eyes, he "determined not to defile himself". (Daniel 1:8) His … Continue reading Resolve to be different

My weakness…God’s strength

If you read the Bible, you read about many "heroes of the faith". People that made a difference in the Kingdom of God in some way or another. Some in very large ways, others in small but important ways. They made a choice to say "yes" to God even if they were sure they weren't … Continue reading My weakness…God’s strength

Perfect Papa

For those of us that have accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, we have the blessed assurance of knowing our eternity will be spent with God ... In the place Jesus has prepared for us. (John 14:2) But hopefully we don't just stop there. Hopefully we don't miss out on another opportunity made available to … Continue reading Perfect Papa